Monday, 30 March 2015

LUSH - Roots Hair Treatment

I definitely seem to be reviewing far too many Lush products on here recently, but I seem to also be spending far too much money whenever I enter a Lush store. I can't help it, it always just looks for too nice and honestly I don't think I've tried a product from there that I don't like.
Roots is a 'hair treatment' and every time I went in and looked at it, which was several as I couldn't decide wether to purchase or not for a long time, I got a new description of what it what do for my hair.
The box says that it is for thin hair, but the assistance also told me it's good for hair loss, thickening and growth! So a pretty impressive tub of wonders for sure.

I've held off on this review so that I could get in a good few uses of it before I made up my mind,in the pictures that shows two uses of the pot, which I think is really quite impressive as I'm definitely going to be getting my money's worth out of this in the end! The product itself is of very thick consistency, and feels a bit like a very heavy moisturiser. It smells gloriously minty, and gives a tingly sensation when on your scalp when applied which is really refreshing, especially if you massage it in for a couple of minutes too! 

Overall I've definitely noticed that my hair has grown a lot quicker between my last root dye than the one before that. My roots are currently very noticeable, as you can see from the picture above, and I'm glad to be having my hair done this week! After application you can definitely feel a difference in the hair that has had this on, and it feels silky smooth and a lot healthier, and it feels so so lovely afterwards!5
When I apply this, I just scoop out some and massage it onto my roots and scalp and some of the hair around. I don't go too far down my hair, as I'd probably end up using way too much product doing my whole head, and after all this is targeted at the roots! I leave it on for as long as I can, up to an hour if it's possible and then wash it out in the shower and follow my normal routine!
Have you ever used any lush treatments?

Megan x

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