Monday, 9 March 2015

Louisiana Art Museum

Just a half an hour train journey outside of Copenhagen, in a rather calm suburb, Louisiana hides, perched on the seaside and looking completely inconspicuous from the outside. Once you walk through the entrance and start walking down through its galleries, you soon realise that you're instead walking through a warren of art and sculpture, and the building itself is just as rightly deserving of being a work of art itself.
Corridors between the separate wings are mostly glass, allowing you to look across the large garden spotted with statues and sculptures, ranging from traditional, modern and down right bizarre in style. Art within can be mini shows focusing on one artist in particular, or collections that were donated to the museum itself. While I visited Richard Mosse had a collection of photos taken in the Democratic Republic of Congo during the civil war. The photos were taken on a film that turned all the green colours to bright, vibrant pinks and this created some phenomenal photos and a rather haunting film also.
The cafe here is amazing, and just as you think you've reached the end of the museum, you discover a whole new room and an underground gallery filled with 100s more pieces of art. Quite an area was actually shut when we visited, as they were installing a new gallery, as they always seem to be up to date with brand new galleries and I'd definitely be wanting to go back if I'm lucky enough to visit Copenhagen again.

Nearly everything in the grounds was some form of art, including the structures in the photo above, and this winding path that lead us to the view over the sea, which was an art installation! This whole place is like another world, and it is 10000% worth the little trip out of Copenhagen if you're staying for more than a couple of days and you can bring yourself to leave the city for a couple of hours.
Would you visit Louisiana?
Megan x

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