Monday, 26 May 2014

Forever 21 Necklace Shop

Hello again! It's Megan here, just with a quick review of some new jewellery I recently acquired from Forever 21.
As I live quite far away from any large city (read as: about 3 hour drive), I wasn't really away of Forever 21's existence until I visited Birmingham for my birthday last year. Therefore I'd never checked them out or knew what kind of fashion they stocked until I visited the store then. However it wasn't until last month that I went to London that I really took an interest into what they had to offer, as I realised they stocked pretty low budget yet fashionable and interesting clothing.
So recently Forever 21 had a 3 for 2 offer on all their jewellery and I've been looking at a load of necklaces lately and these were the three that I chose to buy!
Here's the triangular one with me modelling, check out that nightmare before christmas poster...
Anyway, they necklaces all arrived pretty quickly, and I think it was all below £15 all in all. I'm really happy with all three of them, especially the gold triangular one as it goes with nearly absolutely everything that I've tried it on with.
I would definitely recommend Forever 21 jewellery if you're looking for cheap and easy to wear items! 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Giving Blood!

So today’s small adventure as a couple was going to give blood at a local church hall in Charlestown! It was my second time, and Megan’s first, and she was very brave, and everything went perfectly. Except, however, for the walk back home up a big hill, where Megan got a little light headed and starting giggling and rambling about how green the trees were, but after a short lie down she was all good again! Definitely worthwhile doing as we gave half an hour of our time and possibly saved a life somewhere in the future, which is incredible!

Directions Hair Dye - Violet

This is me, and this is I guess, the first post on this blog!
As you can probably tell, I'm not wearing any make up or anything in this picture, as what I mainly want to focus on here is my hair! This was taken just after I dyed my hair, probably about two weeks ago, using Directions by La Riche in Violet. Now, I had previously used another Directions dye but in Lilac, and I don't know whether it was due to my hair being to dark (unlikely as it was pretty much platinum blonde) or whether I just diluted it too much (likely, I am notoriously bad at judging the dye:conditioner ratio) but that really didn't take that well at all...
However this time I think it's definitely made an impact! It's diluted a heck of a lot yet again, and in some places my previous blue dye seems not to have lifted at all, but overall I'm really happy! As of now, it has faded quite a bit, despite me using silver shampoo every other wash, but considering how cheap Directions is and how little I actually ended up using (about a tablespoon, maybe more) this is quite an economical way to dye your hair if you have the time to devote to dying it regular.

First Post!

My name's Megan and I set up this blog to document my (potentially) last couple of months living in Cornwall, after which I'm hopefully moving away to university! I've recruited the help of my boyfriend, Luke, who will be helping with posts, pictures and the technical formatting side!
Hopefully we'll be posting more soon!
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