Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Charlotte's Tea House

Ahh, let me introduce you to possibly one of my most favourite places to go in any situation ever. It's the most beautiful little tea house in Truro, and it's decorated like a Victorian living room with beautiful curtains, chandeliers and paintings as you can see from the photos up above! Currently it was also decorated with loads of christmassy goodness which made it even more lovely than usual.
Luke and I had a pot of tea for two, I had the Davidstow cheddar, onion and tomato quiche (which was GORGEOUS man Davidstow cheddar is the nicest cheese), whereas Luke went for a potato toastie, which I've had before and it's nearly almost as nice as the quiche.
For desert I had apple pie with ice cream, and this desert is the reason I live, honestly, I wish this place did deliveries of some kind because I would have to order a whole pie for myself every week it's ridiculous how lovely this is. Luke had carrot cake, which although nice is average compared to the heaven on a plate that is the apple pie. Trust me on this one.
Basically, if you ever holiday in Cornwall and end up in Truro (which you probably will it's the only city in the county!) then head to Charlotte's Tea House, it's a bit hidden but it's definitely a gem worth finding!

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hobbit Premier

Last Friday I was lucky enough to be able to go and see the third and final Hobbit movie with some of my lovely friends! The tickets themselves were really quite expensive, at £16 each that's nearly double way i pay for my local cinema here in Cornwall! However i guess we were paying more for the experience then for anything else? I mean it was a pretty special experience so i don't have any regrets about going! (Except when i accidentally spoiled the story for my friend who hadn't read the book!)

Leicester Square Odeon is massive, and I'd never been to a premiere before so it was super exciting just for the atmosphere of excitement before the movie started; some people were even dressed up as the dwarves with capes and those funny looking upside down hats the a few of the dwarves wear throughout the movie. I would have taken more pictures but I was so wrapped up in seeing the movie I nearly completely forgot apart from the one that's up above on this one, which is what the cinema itself looked like (it's very very pretty)

Hopefully now I'm in London a lot more, I'll be able to attend more of this kind of thing, and I'll keep you posted about any events that I do attend!
(i also saw the Hobbit again today as my mum made me promise to go with her, and it was just as good the second time!!)

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lower Than Atlantis @ Koko

Aw man, what a lovely lovely evening this was. My friend Lauren travelled up from Cornwall, so we had a lovely catch up in joe & the juice near Carnabystreet. These cafes are absolutely EVERYWHERE in Copenhagen, so when I saw this one lurking just off to the side I thought it would be a nice idea to pop in seeing as I never got a change to try what it was like while in Denmark.
It was surprisingly lovely, the atmosphere was really chilled, and the coffee was reasonably priced and rather tasty. Would definitely recommend popping in for a quieter atmosphere than the regular costa/starbucks/pret nightmare.

Anyway, we then headed to Koko which is one of my FAVE venues as it looks exactly like a retro theatre inside painted regal colours of red and gold and topped with a massive disco ball on the ceiling. It's stunning, and when not a music venue it's host to many a club night including the button down disco which I definitely want to try and attend at some point.

Anyway, what I attended was Rock Sound's Christmas Ball or something of that kind of thing, and bands that played were Decade, Lonely The Brave and Lower Than Atlantis, three bands whose careers seem to being on the exponential rise as of late. This bands all work so hard and the show was so good from all of them, despite the incredibly packed in and rather boisterous crowd. But hey, what else would I expect from a rock concert eh? Definitely go see these bands, but if you're not up to the idea of being squished and ending drenched in someone else's sweat (gross, i know) then maybe hang at the back of the crowd!
Let me know if you've seen any good bands lately!


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wintery Nails ft Essie

apologies for the poor nail polish application curse my
shaky hands
Ah gosh, I sit typing this up while I'm back in Cornwall, isn't that absolutely crazy? Can't believe I've already finished my first term at university, bleddy ridiculous i tell ya.

Anyway, a few weeks back I had my course's christmas meal, so I decided to up the game and do some real fancy nail work. And by fancy i mean, actually paint my nails ha ha... ha....
So I'd used this Essie nail paint before but found it a bit of a weird one one its own so I used a plain black Barry M polish as my base before going over it in Belugaria one of the NICEST nail varnishes I've ever used. Described as an 'encrusted' nail polish, it contains matte black glitter with discs of bright holographic discs that sparkly so nicely ah it's honestly so gorgeous.

Downside is that it chips pretty easy due to the bumpy nature of the application, and when you actually want to take the thing of your nails it's a complete nightmare, but most polishes with glitter are the same. It's also quite expensive as some nail varnish goes, but I bought this in the Naughty and Nice set, which also comes with a see through top coat with holographic pieces which is also gorgeous on top of paler shades! And the box set was only £12, so you save a couple of quid! Definitely worth a shot if you like a more different look for your nails!!


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pink Hair Don't Care

hey hey guys look what happened to my hair, I went and dyed in pink. 
Basically just recruited the help of a willing boyfriend, got him to help me chuck a load of the dye all on the ends and to around about eye level, left for about half an hour and voila!
Gotta say, the colour was incredibly bright, but this was taken around about a week ago, and the colour is now much more muted and while still being quite bright it's got a few more pastelish tones, which I really quite like. However this may just be due to the different colours originally in my hair more than due to an effect of the hair dye just leaking out at different rates. However I took a bath today and the water was basically all pink... So maybe avoid baths if you want to keep that colour for longer!

To get this colour I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL HD Ultra Brights Semi-Permanent in Raspberry Rebel, I wasn't quite expecting the incredibly bright colour that I got, but I was just kind aiming for pink so I really don't mind, but yeah, not quite what the box insinuates. However you can buy this in boots for around £4 and the instructions are really clear and easy to follow so if you're a first time hair dyer this might be the perfect product to test the waters with!
I mean, who doesn't want bright hair for Chirstmas??


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas in London

Hello again!!
Gosh it feels like it has been a bit too long, I've just been so busy with uni work and trying to get all my stuff done, I had about 5 deadlines this week it's been pretty hectic! Anyway, here's a few photos of the last few weeks, including my trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, as well as a lovely pic of my uni main quad with a rathe pathetic looking christmas tree don't you think?
In other news I am now currently eating a danish from Patisserie Valerie and revising for a mineral test on friday while watching How To Train Your Dragon 2, isn't life so exciting??
Hope you're having a good December so far!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Tate Modern Gallery

So recently my lovely friend Alex came to visit me, and we had a lovely day spent rampaging around London and visiting the Tate modern to pretend we understand modern art. Like seriously, what is that sculpture in the second photo? It was massive!
Also have no idea why I look so damn serious in the last photo, but hey ho look at that make up it looks good doesn't it? I'll try and look less like I want to kill someone next time haha
Hope you're  all having a great first couple of days in December! xx

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