Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Charlotte's Tea House

Ahh, let me introduce you to possibly one of my most favourite places to go in any situation ever. It's the most beautiful little tea house in Truro, and it's decorated like a Victorian living room with beautiful curtains, chandeliers and paintings as you can see from the photos up above! Currently it was also decorated with loads of christmassy goodness which made it even more lovely than usual.
Luke and I had a pot of tea for two, I had the Davidstow cheddar, onion and tomato quiche (which was GORGEOUS man Davidstow cheddar is the nicest cheese), whereas Luke went for a potato toastie, which I've had before and it's nearly almost as nice as the quiche.
For desert I had apple pie with ice cream, and this desert is the reason I live, honestly, I wish this place did deliveries of some kind because I would have to order a whole pie for myself every week it's ridiculous how lovely this is. Luke had carrot cake, which although nice is average compared to the heaven on a plate that is the apple pie. Trust me on this one.
Basically, if you ever holiday in Cornwall and end up in Truro (which you probably will it's the only city in the county!) then head to Charlotte's Tea House, it's a bit hidden but it's definitely a gem worth finding!

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