Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I'm Moving to Michigan

I guess I have a lot of explaining to do really, this being almost half a year since I even thought to write up a post on this website. Rather shocking isn't it? Who knew I could reach such levels of procrastination that I wouldn't even find the time to dedicate to something that I enjoy doing?? 
In my defence, it's been quite a hectic few months. I went through a rather stupid break up, I then jumped head long into a field trip and exam season followed by yet another (month long) field trip. During this time I did lots of actually exciting things, such as three music festivals, and also meeting someone new who is definitely someone who I hope to keep in my life a lot longer. (he's great). 

So I guess I've been busy enough to excuse myself for this long time no write, but realistically I just dropped the ball massively. As I write this I'm in a hotel in Niagara-on-the-Late. Yup, that is in Canada. In two days time we (my mum, step-dad, and I) will be heading to Ann Arbour in Michigan where I'm STAYING for a whole EIGHT MONTHS. What a ridiculous sentiment, and one that i am definitely not used to having to tell people, despite it being over two months now that I've known I've been going. 

Currently, I've just been on a holiday with my parents around Canada, visiting the CN Tower (check out generic tourist shot below for some evidence), walking around Toronto, gawking at the set locations of Scott Pilgrim etc etc. Today we went and visited Niagara Falls, which is still so jarring in my mind that I'm saying this. I can't believe that me, a 20 y/o from Cornwall, is sat in this obnoxiously nice hotel in Canada and is getting these kind of opportunities? I mean, I'm no way smart enough to be at UCL let alone scamming my way onto their year abroad programs. I still feel like this is one big set up, and Ashton Kutcher will pop out and tell me that I've been pranked or whatever that pop culture reference actually is.

It's just a bit absurd. It's very hot here, which just gives me major holiday mentality, which I've been in for about a week now. The fact that I start university again for my third year at a completely different university on another continent is also absolutely insane.


(UPDATE: as this posts I'm actually now in America, in a hotel room, waiting to move into my halls for this Sunday coming. I'm very excited.)
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