Monday, 2 February 2015

LUSH - Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Not only does this wonderful lip scrub have a rhyme on it's lid, it's also super tasty and literally does smell exactly like it says on the tin. I looooooove Lush's sugar scrubs and I bought my first one back when I was 16, and I believe that was the more chocolate based one. They also have a bubbegum flavour and when I popped in the other day I'm pretty sure I spotted a cheeky limited edition rose version too.
These are lovely little pots of goodness that kinda, exfoliate the dry and unwanted skin on lips to make a lovely smooth lip which is oh so desirable at this time of year. I always have really chapped lips in winter, so these are a massive help for me, and a necessity before applying lipstick as it creates a smooth finish and makes your lips look so much nicer!


  1. i love this product, it used to be my favourite thing for winter!
    (fab blog Megan i always read it)
    love Erin xxxx

    1. i found my old one when i was home and i was like oooh do you think i could keep it but it was like 4 years old so it had to go </3
      (thank u so much i'm so glad people do!!!!)
      love u too!!!!! xxxxx


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