Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hampstead Heath

As a bit of a country girl, living in London for the majority of the last 6 months has made me really realise that I miss the greenery of the countryside and just looking out my window and seeing nothing but countryside. Yet now I look out on another office and don't even get direct sunlight sigh.
Anyway, as the 24 bus goes straight past me, I've always wondered what this place called Hampstead Heath is, as the word heath seemed far too green and country to apply to the central London.
However I was completely shocked to find that this expanse of fields and trees existed not too far from Kentish Town. The view is phenomenal (despite us originally finding the wrong viewpoint and being slightly disappointed) and you can see the Shard and King's Cross and practically all of central London. Honestly, go here if you can it's a ridiculous place that I didn't even think could exist.

what i wore
shoes- fat face
parka - asos
jumper - stolen from luke
jeans - topshop
hairband - from lovely etsy shop Stitch by Lou B (she's lovely check her out)

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