Monday, 14 December 2015

Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

The other week when Iszy and I were walking through Debenhams in a desperate attempt to find me some last minute shoes for our Christmas ball, we were stopped by a few of the Benefit ladies who kindly offered us a free make over. Obviously these make overs aren't exactly free, as we then felt almost obliged to buy products but hey, the make up the did for us was absolutely phenomenal, and that evening we then went to see Disclosure so we clearly looked the best out of everyone there. Pic below of what I looked like on that night, soz for the awful phone selfie quality but damn look at how good i look in that.

Anyway, thought I'd focus on something that I then bought after all this, and that is the lipgloss that they used on me during the make over. I bought it for a few reasons, mainly because I actually don't have any lip glosses at all, as I'm not particularly a massive fan of the whole hair sticking to your face kind of thing (which hasn't happened with this yet!!) and also because this smells so good it's like a cookie and cake and so many sweet things all wrapped up together it's absolutely gorgeous. Also the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, but really what do we expect when we're buying from Benefit anyway. The shade I purchased is called Fauxmance.

Colourwise, this lip gloss is a kind of dusky pink, so it's not the most obvious lip colour in the world but as you can see in the top picture it's really shiny and that was a good 2 hours after I'd had it applied and it was still going strong so I was quite impressed. It feels really nice on the lips too so it's something I can see myself just throwing on if I'm doing some casual make up. I honestly really thought I'd regret buying it and never use it but it's actually so lovely. Maybe I will be tempted away from my matte lipsticks.... who knows.

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