Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Limecrime Venus 2 Palette

Yup, here we are again with another Limecrime item, this was purchased way back in December along with the original palette but it's taken me this long to get around to reviewing it and actually having a mess around with some of the colours. I'm currently head over heels in love with the pigmentation and colour of the original Venus palette, and would honestly be happy if it was the only palette I used for the rest of my life, so many grungey opportunities in the making.

This palette definitely has more of a range of colours going through it, although Fly, Mustard, Jam and Mud definitely wouldn't look too out of place if placed next to their predecessors. Ther other four colours have gone for a more nature theme, with Pigeon and Boot being really glittery and multi-faceted, especially Pigeon, which is completely gorgeous. Marsh is also a lovely pale green, the likes of which I've not really seen around too much, and lastly Filter is a sky blue, which is perhaps the one that seems the most out of place, and also was one of the most disappointing to swatch when I was trying to take pictures.

Now after several months of use of this palette I've got some firm favourites, and I would whole heartedly recommend buying both this and the original Venus palette as they are worth the money and are oh-so-versatile to create different looks. This palette is also perfect for festivals as the mirror is decent sized and the packaging is good enough that you know your pans are not about to be destroyed during packing (a constant worry of mine). 
Marsh and Mustard are probably my two favourite high impact shades as both can be worn on their own to quite a stunning effect but all of the shadows, even the weaker glitter colours of Boot and Pigeon are beautiful, they just require a bit more of an application to really stick.

Thanks for reading,
Megan x

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Catch Up #7

Gosh well it's definitely been a long time since we've met in this kind of circumstances hm? The majority of these photos haven't even been taken this week due to my horrifically mediocore social life as of recent times (damn you university), but this does kinda show you what I've been up to lately. As I've recently posted about Brighton anyway, that was omitted as I thought it might be overkill to talk about it again, as much as I'd like to.

Clockwise from top left:
  1. Seeing Marine & The Diamonds at Camden Roundhouse with some really good pals a couple of weekends ago
  2. Some gorgeous lil cacti friends found at a gardening store in Chelsea
  3. galavanting aroudn the London Aquarium on a Late on Valentines day
  4. selfie-ing it up & loving the way my brows be looking in this photo
  5. as I was home for this weekend just gone, obligatory beach photo of Seaton as I made mum visit the beach with me (gotta make sure the sea is still there, right?)
  6. Lastly, some little pick ups from Revlon, including this super awesome brow pencil/gel combo that is actually a good shade for me, shock horror.

I'm really upset that I haven't been keeping up with these as they're super nice to look back on after a couple months have passed, so expect more! (fingers crossed)
Thanks for reading!

Brighton for the Weekend

After having living in London for nearly a year and a half, I've definitely started to notice myself becoming a bit immune to the amazing places that I live near. When I visited the south bank recently I realised how little I actually get out and see the city I live in, and also to further that along, how little I've taken advantage of the brilliant travel links that living in London also provides. As I've recently met someone who is just as keen on travelling out of London, it wasn't long before we'd planned a little weekend away together. After several hassles with out sorting out accommodation (our Air BnB cancelled on us two days before we were due to go!), we booked into an actual B&B, took a much later train to Brighton than originally planned, and managed to survive the journey in one piece.

After arriving we had a little walk around, walked along the beach (I had to see the sea, I just miss it too much!), visited a few pubs and then found an amazing Mexican restaurant that served some seriously lovely cocktails while we were waiting for a table. Annoyingly the weather was pretty rubbish, and the only bag that I had wasn't exactly waterproof so I couldn't take my camera with me around on the Saturday, hence the disappointing lack of photos of anything.

On the Sunday it was more of the same, just some casual walking around along the pier and to see the Pavillion in daylight (after only seeing it late at night on our walk back to the hotel). It was just really quite nice to get out of London and away from university and all the stress that's currently waiting around every corner with revision and  coursework deadlines starting to sneak closer and closer. Even though I had a bit of a stress on the Sunday and we had to dash back to London so I could meet up with a friend to go and see Marina & the Diamonds, it was still such a lovely weekend. It is so underrated to just escape stuff for the weekend, and with exams coming up this was probably one of the last times we're gonna get to properly spend time with each other for quite a while.

Brighton itself is also the loveliest place, I just wish I could have spent more time just walking around enjoying it on the Sunday instead of stressing out like I did. The Lanes look like the coolest place, with lots of little cafes offering all sorts of foods, especially of the vegan and vegetarian variety. We're already talking of going back, we've just got to find somewhere in our busy schedules to fit it in!

Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

PS... Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons

So you know, during a casual walk through Plymouth Primark I wandered into the make up section and started avidly swatching things onto the back of my hand. I've heard some pretty decent things about the Primark make up range, branded PS..., and so I decided to grab some of these lipstick crayons as they were only £2 each!! I went for the colours Nude, Wine, Deep Purple and Brown, all rather inventively named.

The packaging is rather standard, nothing to really write home about it but it's still quite nice. I'm not too sure how one would go about sharpening the pencil to access more of the lipstick, but I assume it can be done. The gold lettering on the side makes it look a bit more classy than it actually is, and all things considered this doesn't really look like it costs £2, so I wouldn't be ashamed of whipping it out and using it in a public bathroom.

The colours are gorgeous on all four shades that I purchased, and they apply really easily which is a massive plus in my books. They are very very similar to Clinique chubby sticks, with maybe a slightly more opaque and matte finish to the final look. The colours look basically the same on the lips as they do in the swatch above. They do transfer quite easily (as my bf found out pretty quick) and so you do have to re-apply after a while, and they are also pretty drying, but I've only tried them in Winter when dry lips are notoriously bad anyway.

I would definitely recommend investing in a few of these, especially if you're looking to expand the amount of colours you have on a budget! Thanks for reading!

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