Monday, 26 January 2015

LUSH - Solid Perfume Gift Set

Goood god i absolutely love these little pots of scented goodness. I have and always will be the biggest fan on the planet of Lush (slight exaggeration) and if my bank was bottomless I would probably purchase a lot more of my beauty products here as their values are also just as good as their products.
First up, the packaging was adorable, a small little box with all the photos of the scents and inside you can see all the gold confetti it was like it was gift wrapped personally. It's exactly what you expect from something from Lush. As they're all pots they are really portable and pop in your bag super easy. The scents aren't massively long lasting, but as you can reapply so easily and subtly I don't find it a problem at all.

Karma is described as being "Hip and Heady, Bohemian" on Lush's website, and I can definitely sense that. It's a really strong orange-y, spicey scent that I think would work really well in the evening. There's also a matching soap so you can totally work the whole scent all over your body.

Sikkim Girls
More of an exotic scent, however I love wearing this throughout the day to spice it all up a bit more. Lots of floral notes and jasmine, it's musky but when worn it's not so strong but still beautiful and possibly my surprise favourite out of the three.

As bright and as cheerful as its name, citrusy to the point of lemon of lime juice concentrated but it is beautiful. I can imagine this being an everyday one for summer, but I think it's slightly too summery for January!

Would you ever try solid perfumes, or do you still prefer the traditional approach?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday Catch Up #4

guess who's back
back again
hello i am doing another biweekly post of what is meant to be a weekly series
anyway I've been quite hectic lately? I have joined a gym (gasp!!) and also I'm back into yoga and I can finally now play dodgeball after leaching onto their socials for the last term!
Clockwise from top-left:
Me trying on Luke's Supreme hat after he left it at mine. I'm not sold...
The London Eye on a late walk to collect a friend from Waterloo
The fancy mugs at Wetherspoons in Camden
Nutella and banana calzones at Prezzo. nuff said.
A glimpse of sun and blue sky as seen from the British Museum cafe.

Hope your last couple of weeks have been great!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Brand Spotlight - The White Pepper

so I guess this is a new type of post coming to my blog..? ooooh
Basically, I've been finding so many amazing brands around lately that I just wanted to set up a way the I could share them all with you, including some of my favourite items that are available from the site right now!

aw man isn't this lovely, also turns out I really like spotty items lately? who knew.
left to right we have:

The White Pepper make mostly dresses, but their winter coats and leggings are all lovely and gorgeous, and their shoes are also completely unique and have some really lovely colours that aren't too common anywhere else. Definitely check them out :)

Monday, 19 January 2015

Wishlist #3 - Bag Envy

Anti-clockwise from top right:

So recently I've caught myself enviously staring at other people's bags, as people in London seem to have amazing taste, and a lot of money to spend on bags it seems. So for this wishlist I found two really amazing gorgeous top of the range tote bags which I've seen around London, both of which are really quite a spend so would definitely have to be a serious #treatyourself purchase whereas the other two rucksacks are more day to day and come at a much more casual price tag as well.
I'm really loving the black zip rucksack look right now though I must say.
What about you? What's your kind of bag?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Looking After Dry Hair

I have a confession, and that confession is I honestly don't really have a clue how to look after my hair very well!! I've been bleaching my roots for about the last two years now, as I've slowly been working my way towards lighter hair in preparation for dying it (just you wait). However this all changed recently, when I decided enough was enough, and that there must be a product out there somewhere that will help me solve my dry hair problem!!

My search concluded with the purchase of these three lovely things: (L-R)
Umberto Giannini Overnight Beauty Moisture Balm
Umberto Giannini Instant Beauty Leave-In Conditioner
Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair Therapy Intensive Damage Repair

All three smell gorgeous which was an instant pleaser for me, as why would you ever want a hair product to not smell anything but nice?? I use the moisture balm most nights, especially near the tips of my hair as that's what gets driest and this really is noticeable the next day when my hair isn't straw-like. It just kinda rubs on like a moisturiser for you hair, and you barely have to use anything to cover your whole head, I imagine if you have short hair you'll almost have to use a tiny tiny amount as my hair is quite long and I don't use much at all!
The other two products are quite similar, the leave in conditioner is for use after showers and I use this as well as my normal conditioner for that super boost of rehydration and a more softer feel to my hair. The Therapy oil is more for intensive treatment (as the name suggests hm) and I use this maybe once a week to really help my hair and this smells so gorgeous and exotic too. The instructions say you can use it on dry hair but i did this and wasn't exactly thrilled with the results (it just made my hair look real greasy...) so I wouldn't exactly say that's the best way to use it and would instead suggest sticking to using it after a shower as an extra form of conditioning.
Before buying any of these products I hadn't previously owned anything by Umberto Giannini, but the packaging called to me and the product has definitely won me over so I think I'll be looking in their section again when I next need some more hair products!

Do you have any other products that you rely on for your hair? I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday Catch Up #3

Gosh I seem to have skipped a few Friday's here... ah well, I'll try and be better from now on!!

Well, I'm back at London, hence the horrifically bland backdrop of my photo. Currently only 3/5 of us are back in the flat, and a lot of the people from my course aren't here yet so I've had a few lazy days working super hard on revision and getting through Gossip Girl series 2.....
Maybe one day I will finally learn to concentrate haha 
Anyway, not much as happened this week apart from going shopping with mum around London, which I'll post about seperately hence the lack of fascinating photos and you're just stuck with a webcam photo of me with a juice bottle.... what a great blogger i am
watching - Gossip Girl
drinking - Innocent fruit juices 4eva
listening to - Paramore's self titled
playing - binding of Isaac: Rebirth
fave of the week: Topshop Velvet Lips

see ya soon

Monday, 5 January 2015

White Fur


Photos: Luke Barrett 

Hello!! Welcome to my first post of 2015 and I'm so excited because it's my first post focused mainly on fashion/personal style and that was what my main inspiration to start this blog in the first place as I've been into like fashion in general for several years (eg fashion mags and thinking ooh that's nice but never actually being able to afford stuff until I started working last year). Relatively, I've only been into make up and beauty within the last couple of months/half a year max really! Hence why my collection is so small and I'm still pretty diabolically bad at applying make up to myself!
Anyway this outfit was for a casual day out shopping with Luke to Truro, but it was basically a time for me to show off this gorgeous faux fur coat from Miss Selfridge that I bought in the Boxing Day sales. It reminds me of snow leopards and it's long and so so soft ahh it's gorgeous. I've been looking for a fur coat for so long and this really was the most beautiful thing ever.  This is a more casual look for it, as I wanted to make sure that I could wear it casually and yeah I think it works really well?? Well I think so anyway! Pls let me know what you think!!
Jumper: Topshop (available in 5 or so different colours and styles!)
Jeans: River Island Mom Jeans 
Shoes: Generic Vans


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