Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday Catch Up #3

Gosh I seem to have skipped a few Friday's here... ah well, I'll try and be better from now on!!

Well, I'm back at London, hence the horrifically bland backdrop of my photo. Currently only 3/5 of us are back in the flat, and a lot of the people from my course aren't here yet so I've had a few lazy days working super hard on revision and getting through Gossip Girl series 2.....
Maybe one day I will finally learn to concentrate haha 
Anyway, not much as happened this week apart from going shopping with mum around London, which I'll post about seperately hence the lack of fascinating photos and you're just stuck with a webcam photo of me with a juice bottle.... what a great blogger i am
watching - Gossip Girl
drinking - Innocent fruit juices 4eva
listening to - Paramore's self titled
playing - binding of Isaac: Rebirth
fave of the week: Topshop Velvet Lips

see ya soon

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