Monday, 26 January 2015

LUSH - Solid Perfume Gift Set

Goood god i absolutely love these little pots of scented goodness. I have and always will be the biggest fan on the planet of Lush (slight exaggeration) and if my bank was bottomless I would probably purchase a lot more of my beauty products here as their values are also just as good as their products.
First up, the packaging was adorable, a small little box with all the photos of the scents and inside you can see all the gold confetti it was like it was gift wrapped personally. It's exactly what you expect from something from Lush. As they're all pots they are really portable and pop in your bag super easy. The scents aren't massively long lasting, but as you can reapply so easily and subtly I don't find it a problem at all.

Karma is described as being "Hip and Heady, Bohemian" on Lush's website, and I can definitely sense that. It's a really strong orange-y, spicey scent that I think would work really well in the evening. There's also a matching soap so you can totally work the whole scent all over your body.

Sikkim Girls
More of an exotic scent, however I love wearing this throughout the day to spice it all up a bit more. Lots of floral notes and jasmine, it's musky but when worn it's not so strong but still beautiful and possibly my surprise favourite out of the three.

As bright and as cheerful as its name, citrusy to the point of lemon of lime juice concentrated but it is beautiful. I can imagine this being an everyday one for summer, but I think it's slightly too summery for January!

Would you ever try solid perfumes, or do you still prefer the traditional approach?

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