Tuesday, 18 November 2014

5 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better

I sometimes find it hard to stay as positive as I'd like to be, and especially so since I've moved out of home and have to rely on myself even more. Without constantly having a parent around, I've had to find other ways to fill my time, and when you're not feeling that great it's quite hard to want to do anything other than lay in your bed.

  1. Get outside and just walk/run. Don't plan on doing anything just take a walk of about 30 minutes or so, and listen to some music while you're at it. Personally I enjoy running, because you just get into this mindset of running and nothing else can really trouble you while you're doing it! I also normally feel super productive after a run too as it really wakes you up for doing anything else!
  2. Choose a beautiful place, like a beach, a local park, somewhere with a view, and sit there for a while, maybe take some food and just look around. Coffee shops are also good places to do this, especially to people watch.
  3. Work on a hobby, or find something that you enjoy doing by yourself, e.g blogging, or shopping, or writing, photography, art, sport, the list is endless! If you feel like you don't have a hobby, start looking for something wether it be nerdy or sporty or arty there is always something out there for someone! I used to think I found nothing interesting, until I got into blogging and writing, and the fruitition of that was this blog and writing reviews for my friend's blog thnksfrthrvw which has helped me turn my passion to music into something even more.
  4. Send a friend a message to meet up, no matter how down you feel someone will be there to help you/spend time with you, even if it's just to take your mind of it, which is sometimes all people need!
  5. lastly, have a pamper yourself day! Stay in, watch some netflix, make yourself a really extravagant meal and go all out, have a desert too if you can! Honestly, paint your nails, give yourself a full facial, and a lovely long bubble bath with some lush products, and that's guaranteed to lift your mood!

I hope this ideas help you, they aren't life changing but after a rubbish day at school/uni/work these have helped me massively! Keeping happy is all mental, but that doesn't mean some physical things can help!
Thanks for reading! 
Megan xx


  1. This is really lovely to read ��

  2. This is so spot on. You can't beat going for a good walk and then coming home to a bath full of Lush products.

    Katie xx


    1. haha I agree completely! Since coming to uni I've really appreciated the value of a bath seeing as I now don't have one!! xx


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