Sunday, 9 November 2014

Wishlist #2

It couldn't be helped, there's so many new clothes, shoes & accessories coming out for the winter season lately that I can't resist wanting to buy so much of it! I love winter clothing, and I never seem to have enough, so while I've been scouting here's a few of my top picks from various brands...

Left Column:
Right Column:

Didn't realise how much stuff I actually was keeping tabs on until I started making this haha! 

The scarf from Asos could have been any one of about 20, I absolutely adore Asos' knitwear section this time of year and I can guarantee at least one item from it will be mine by the time the year is out. (I already own so many scarves, another won't hurt, right??)
The kimono I thought was a little different while also being very autumnal, and I love Drop Dead pretty much unconditionally, or it would be, if my bank account was bottomless.
All the other items are from just being nosy around on different stores and they really caught my eye and I've been praying for them to magically appear in my room, but alas, not yet.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my picks!
Megan xx

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