Friday, 13 June 2014

sun sun sun

enjoyed today so much, look at all the photos, the first was taken just as I was leaving my boyfriends house, I trusted him with the photo taking, I think he did okay....
the one below is me looking super happy because I was just about to go swimming (it was cold but so so refreshing)
and the bottom two were taken this morning while I was revising for my biology exam which was this afternoon!
Last but bot least is this picture of the moon, full moon on the Friday the 13th!!
all photos were taken with my phone, hence the bad quality, but I hope you're all having good days too, and enjoying the sun 
Megan xx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A New Love

So I'm sorry recently I haven't been updated much but I'm deep in the depths of revision lately! Today I finished my psychology course for good, but I still have all of my geography and biology exams left to go!
I can't wait to start blogging more consistently in summer, and maybe even set up some YouTube videos too! 
Also I apologise for the photo, but this choc milk is the only thing getting me through this stressful time, it's like liquidised cake, the ambrosia of mankind. 

Hope all your exams are going well, thanks for reading!!!
Megan xx

Monday, 2 June 2014

Real Techniques Brushes

So the other day I ordered these new brushes from America, as the only ones I really had were some sub-par cheap ones that I got given for Christmas. As I'd recently started investing into my make up collection I thought it was only right that I actually invested into my brush collection also!
Anyway, when I went into Urban Decay's stall in Debenhams the other week the lady working there recommended these brushes called Real Techniques, as a cheaper alternative to what Urban Decay offered (i was so thankful for that, buying a palette was enough for me!) So I popped back up to Boots only to find that the eye basic set was £20, and I'd already more than spent enough money so I returned home without.
Later that day I looked up online how cheap they were to buy, and lo and behold I found them for sale for about £13 from America with shipping! Instantly purchased them, they arrived within about 5 days with no added tax or anything. They feel absolutely amazing to touch, but I have yet to properly use them as it is exam season and I'm way too lazy to actually attempt make up when I have to be up at 7am. When I've tried using them on a look, I will let you know!
Megan xx
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