Tuesday, 1 March 2016

PS... Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayons

So you know, during a casual walk through Plymouth Primark I wandered into the make up section and started avidly swatching things onto the back of my hand. I've heard some pretty decent things about the Primark make up range, branded PS..., and so I decided to grab some of these lipstick crayons as they were only £2 each!! I went for the colours Nude, Wine, Deep Purple and Brown, all rather inventively named.

The packaging is rather standard, nothing to really write home about it but it's still quite nice. I'm not too sure how one would go about sharpening the pencil to access more of the lipstick, but I assume it can be done. The gold lettering on the side makes it look a bit more classy than it actually is, and all things considered this doesn't really look like it costs £2, so I wouldn't be ashamed of whipping it out and using it in a public bathroom.

The colours are gorgeous on all four shades that I purchased, and they apply really easily which is a massive plus in my books. They are very very similar to Clinique chubby sticks, with maybe a slightly more opaque and matte finish to the final look. The colours look basically the same on the lips as they do in the swatch above. They do transfer quite easily (as my bf found out pretty quick) and so you do have to re-apply after a while, and they are also pretty drying, but I've only tried them in Winter when dry lips are notoriously bad anyway.

I would definitely recommend investing in a few of these, especially if you're looking to expand the amount of colours you have on a budget! Thanks for reading!

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