Friday, 6 February 2015

Friday Catch Up #5

And here we are again,  I'm nearly halfway through my second term of uni and it's already february! Oh 2015, why must you go so fast? (saying that bring on summer i am so ready)
Also I just finished watching Brooklyn 99 after a friend recommended it to me and now I feel so empty. If you haven't watched it, 10/10 would recommend you give it a watch.
Clockwise from top left:
My new hair (am now super blonde) and a no make up selfie hawt dang
the AMAZING food I had at the weekend with my parents
my fave drink currently, the mango one is perhaps even nicer
new jumper purchase from urban outfitters
Canary Wharf at night after a dodgeball tournament

Hope you have a good weekend, and keep an eye out for another post tomorrow!

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