Monday, 13 July 2015

Everything Else From Dublin

As I didn't really have enough photos from any other particular place on my camera, I decided to just whack it all in to this mega post for all of your enjoyment. This also concludes the last post that I'll write about Dublin, but I hope you've enjoyed my little posts about my travels as much as I enjoyed sharing my experience with you.
I absolutely loved my time in Dublin, and it was such a spontaneous decision to go which I am so thankful for the chance that I got and I hope being so close to the airports of London means more chances like this! I learnt so much about the history of Ireland which I'd never really thought about, and yeah, basically I just had a really good time. Here's some more photos!

From our brief trip into the beautiful Botanic Gardens

From inside our hostel

Lovely painted house on the river

View from our tour bus over the River Liffey

Inside Kilmainham Gaol

O'Connell Tower in Glasnevin Cemetary

Trinity College

View through a broken window at Christchurch Cathedral

The Spire of Dublin on O'Connell Street

The statue of O'Connell (with added seagull)

I hope you enjoyed all my photos, I would thoroughly recommend visiting all of the places that I managed to get to in my frantic few days as they were all beautiful places with so much history behind them all.
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