Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Loving Where You Live


This is a bit of an odd post for me, as the topic is something I've only really come to think about in the last year, mostly as I haven't been able to do it. What I'm talking about is realising how great the place where you live is, and realising that although you may not have everything you wanted, it has a lot of things that you will probably miss when you're gone.

For me, I'm from Cornwall, and I get told a lot that it must be wonderful to live there, that it's so beautiful etc etc. However, Cornwall has a lot of flaws. Personally for me, there were no gigs, little shops, there isn't that much of a youth culture of things to do and if you do want to do anything you're gonna have to travel quite a way to do it. Before I could drive this was a massive problem, and involved a lot of public transport/asking parents for lift, but in the last year it's become a lot easier. If I want to go proper shopping, the biggest place is probably Bristol which is so far away I've only done it once, and even then it wasn't for the shopping first (it was actually for a gig hah).

Basically what I'm trying to say is, for a lot of my earlier teenage years I felt like where I lived isolated me from doing a lot of things, and I was extremely lucky to have parents that took me to gigs all over the country and drove me places and all that malarky. However, when I moved away for a large part of a year to live in London, somewhere the near opposite of Cornwall, I definitely started to appreciate it a lot more.

I realised I missed Cornwall so much more than I realised that I would. I missed being able to see the sea from my college, I missed the fresh air and the nice drinking water (bleh London water). I missed the quiet of my bedroom and seeing the countryside everywhere and god damn it I even missed getting angry at clueless drivers in the lanes around my village. I'm not trying to say I didn't enjoy my move, in fact I completely loved my opportunity to go to London and I'm so excited to go back and move in with my friends. I definitely think moving has opened my eyes to how beautiful Cornwall is, and I definitely appreciate it more.

Moral of blog post: Explore and try new things, and you'll probably appreciate what you have a lot more!

These photos were all shot at a local woods on my way to work, a place I'd never really thought about how beautiful it was until recently, so I thought the pictures were quite relevant. Also a shot of me running and attempting to be healthy as an extra bonus!

Thanks for reading my silly ramblings, I hope it made sense to someone.
Megan x

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