Friday, 17 July 2015

Volunteering at Glastonbury 2015 with Oxfam


Eep this is such an exciting post for me as I'm looking back over the photos that my lovely pal Sam took with his fancy camera and they're all so lovely, even if we nearly lost him several times as he stopped to take them! This was my first ever Glastonbury, and as I'm poor and would never have the luck to get actual tickets, we (Me, Molly and Sam) decided to jump on the volunteering wagon, and as you can hopefully tell from the photos, we had an absolutely amazing time.

We arrived on the Tuesday, which meant we had a whole day before the site fully opened to explore it to ourselves, hence why so many of the photos show such brilliantly green grass and no sprawling masses of tents. We also got access to the crew bars which made me feel a bit of a VIP I'm not going to lie. We also had our own specific camping area, that was a bit of a way out, was really nice, with showers and nice(ish) toilets. Also charging ports and free tea and coffee. So good.

Look at how much sun we got on the first few days!!! Unfortunately this didn't last but that is besides the point, it was lovely anyway. Although we worked our three eight hour shifts, and therefore missed a lot of music (including Florence so sad) we did manage to see Kanye, which was obviously amazing. Other highlights for me included Everything Everything, Coasts, Years & Years, Jungle, Pharell and running around past midnight in the late night arenas such as Shangri-La and Block 9.

Jacket: Missguided
Vest: Bitching and Junkfood

It was overall such a fantastic experience and you just meet so many lovely people on shift with such a positive atmosphere everywhere in the Oxfam campsite too. Glastonbury itself is phenomenal, and far and away the best festival I think I've ever attended (soz Reading). I definitely want to go back, wether it be volunteering or not. So, who's up for #Glasto2k16??

Thanks for reading!

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