Friday, 10 July 2015

Dublin Zoo

This post is 1000% just a post for me to show off some really cool photos I was able to take on Iszy and I's last day in Dublin, in which we visited the gorgeous zoo that is situated within Phoenix Park. It's a lovely place, and is surprisingly large for an inner city zoo, and the range of animals and the vastness of the habitats was a pleasant surprise for me too. They had a really large African savannah area, and all the other habitats were reasonably large and all the animals seemed quite happy. Although most were dozing in the heat when we were visiting, but anyway, thought I'd share some photos that I also took with my new camera. I'm really quite proud how some of these turned out, especially as I was determined to take all my photos on the manual settings to work on getting better grips on working my camera. I hope you enjoy!

There was also a snow leopard (!!!!!!!) and wolves (!!!!!) but both were asleep and I couldn't get a good enough photo of them which was very sad. I hope you enjoyed my collection of photos!


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