Monday, 6 July 2015

Kew Gardens

So, guess who has finished their first year of exams and therefore university?? I am now home which is absolutely ridiculous as it just feels like the other day that I was moving up to London and yet here I am back home again!
Anyway, the purpose of this post, I went to Kew Gardens the other day, despite the adversity of the District Line being shut, my parents and I managed to get there without much disaster that usual ensues while travelling.

The gardens themselves are so huge, I'd never really considered something so big could be so near to the centre of London. All the flowers were mostly in bloom, some bluebells were even in bloom in the conservation area that was modelled after British woodlands. The glasshouses were also phenomenal, the sheer amount of plants inside was ridiculous. The design of the actual buildings is so intricate, and although they look like they need a good painting they are kept in such a good condition. In fact, one was shut for renovation when we were there so maybe they're working their way through the older ones and doing them up a little bit!

Look at this cool staircase though! 

Giant redwood, that's only 1/3 of the size the American ones grow to!

Clothes wise, I wanted to be comfortable so I wore this playsuit from ASOS Tall, which is this beautifully stretchy material and has the nicest design ever. The sleeves are flared and so long that in the photo you can't even see my hands, and as someone who has longer arms, this rarely ever happens, so I was quite happy with that! I love love love this playsuit and I can see myself slowly relying on it for a go to piece throughout the summer, it's just fantastic.

Shoes: M&S (old)

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