Monday, 27 July 2015

Mac - Smoked Purple

My gosh please excuse the state of my room in these photos (and my stupid face) but let's all focus on this gorge lip colour that I picked up the other week before I went to Glastonbury. I really really love darker colours, as I think it contrasts nicely with my light hair and works well with my post-emo wardrobe colours (aka black). I also love me some matte lipsticks, so Smoked Purple immediately drew my eye, sitting there in the Mac store.

The only other Mac lipstick I owned previously is Diva, which I love with all my heart and is definitely my current favourite lipstick of life. I found that Diva was long lasting, applied well and was just a dream. Smoked Purple, while being the same finish as Diva, is not quite as wonderful. The application is a bit harder, I find the first couple of strokes you make with it kinda pull on the lips and it's very dry, and the colour takes a few applications, but once it's on, it is so worth it as the colour is so stunning.

mmmm sexy nose close up
Anyway, as you can see there are a lot of different tones in Smoked Purple, there's some blue within the purple and I personally think that it makes it really three dimensional and so gorgeous when you look at it closely. I think it's dark without being too dark, and it doesn't attract too much attention so I think it doesn't even have to be the main focus of your make up, so could be paired with some lovely smokey eyes. 
I'd definitely recommend this lippie, it's bold and dramatic but not too outrageous. Perfect for nights out and I loved it for wearing at Glastonbury, as it made my rather normal cateye liner a little more interesting. 

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