Friday, 3 July 2015

Topshop Lips

I bought these lipsticks so long ago I honestly can't believe how long it has taken me to actually write about them. These last two months seem to have absolutely flown by, and even now I'm sat at home desperately trying to find something to write a blog post about when I stumble across these photos that I took, probably back in March! Whoops. I mean, I actually bought these way back in December as I had a discount card from over Christmas, and Hazard was in the sale so I got all 3 of these for about £15, which was a bit of a bargain don't you think?

All three colours are lovely and bright, and of the three I think Infrared is definitely the weakest, as it often needs quite a few applications for the bright coral colour to really take effect on the lips and I've found that it doesn't really last that long, which is a shame as the initial colour is so bright and summery! Hazard is absolutely fantastic, I would definitely recommend this as a go to everyday red as that is exactly what it is to me. It's a joy to wear, I honestly don't have any problems with it. Lastly, and definitely not least, Velveteen Ribbon is a beautiful matte that's easy to apply with the doe foot applicator, and although it almost gets clumpy (?? maybe not the correct word but it's kinda what happens!) and therefore leads to discolourations, overall it's such a well wearing dark red. Ohhh I love it so much, it's so great to add a bit of drama during the day and then not having to worry about it at all! I have so much love for it.

Swatches T-B: Velveteen Ribbon, Infrared, Hazard.

Unfortunately I think Velveteen Ribbon may no longer be stocked, but I did catch it for sale in some bargain bins the last time I looked! The lipsticks are both still in stock though, so go grab yourself a brilliant lipstick and surprise yourself with Topshop Beauty's range!

Thanks for reading!

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