Saturday, 20 December 2014

Lower Than Atlantis @ Koko

Aw man, what a lovely lovely evening this was. My friend Lauren travelled up from Cornwall, so we had a lovely catch up in joe & the juice near Carnabystreet. These cafes are absolutely EVERYWHERE in Copenhagen, so when I saw this one lurking just off to the side I thought it would be a nice idea to pop in seeing as I never got a change to try what it was like while in Denmark.
It was surprisingly lovely, the atmosphere was really chilled, and the coffee was reasonably priced and rather tasty. Would definitely recommend popping in for a quieter atmosphere than the regular costa/starbucks/pret nightmare.

Anyway, we then headed to Koko which is one of my FAVE venues as it looks exactly like a retro theatre inside painted regal colours of red and gold and topped with a massive disco ball on the ceiling. It's stunning, and when not a music venue it's host to many a club night including the button down disco which I definitely want to try and attend at some point.

Anyway, what I attended was Rock Sound's Christmas Ball or something of that kind of thing, and bands that played were Decade, Lonely The Brave and Lower Than Atlantis, three bands whose careers seem to being on the exponential rise as of late. This bands all work so hard and the show was so good from all of them, despite the incredibly packed in and rather boisterous crowd. But hey, what else would I expect from a rock concert eh? Definitely go see these bands, but if you're not up to the idea of being squished and ending drenched in someone else's sweat (gross, i know) then maybe hang at the back of the crowd!
Let me know if you've seen any good bands lately!


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