Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Pink Hair Don't Care

hey hey guys look what happened to my hair, I went and dyed in pink. 
Basically just recruited the help of a willing boyfriend, got him to help me chuck a load of the dye all on the ends and to around about eye level, left for about half an hour and voila!
Gotta say, the colour was incredibly bright, but this was taken around about a week ago, and the colour is now much more muted and while still being quite bright it's got a few more pastelish tones, which I really quite like. However this may just be due to the different colours originally in my hair more than due to an effect of the hair dye just leaking out at different rates. However I took a bath today and the water was basically all pink... So maybe avoid baths if you want to keep that colour for longer!

To get this colour I used Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL HD Ultra Brights Semi-Permanent in Raspberry Rebel, I wasn't quite expecting the incredibly bright colour that I got, but I was just kind aiming for pink so I really don't mind, but yeah, not quite what the box insinuates. However you can buy this in boots for around £4 and the instructions are really clear and easy to follow so if you're a first time hair dyer this might be the perfect product to test the waters with!
I mean, who doesn't want bright hair for Chirstmas??


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