Monday, 26 May 2014

Forever 21 Necklace Shop

Hello again! It's Megan here, just with a quick review of some new jewellery I recently acquired from Forever 21.
As I live quite far away from any large city (read as: about 3 hour drive), I wasn't really away of Forever 21's existence until I visited Birmingham for my birthday last year. Therefore I'd never checked them out or knew what kind of fashion they stocked until I visited the store then. However it wasn't until last month that I went to London that I really took an interest into what they had to offer, as I realised they stocked pretty low budget yet fashionable and interesting clothing.
So recently Forever 21 had a 3 for 2 offer on all their jewellery and I've been looking at a load of necklaces lately and these were the three that I chose to buy!
Here's the triangular one with me modelling, check out that nightmare before christmas poster...
Anyway, they necklaces all arrived pretty quickly, and I think it was all below £15 all in all. I'm really happy with all three of them, especially the gold triangular one as it goes with nearly absolutely everything that I've tried it on with.
I would definitely recommend Forever 21 jewellery if you're looking for cheap and easy to wear items! 

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