Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Catch Up #7

Aw man, here I am writing this and I have just finished my second term of university, and I'm heading home in two days to start some hardcore revision for my exams in May! I cannot believe this time has gone this quickly, and I had a brilliant night last night at a club night called Uprawr and the Purple Turtle in Camden. The music is so good there, and 3 Fall Out Boy songs were played!!! This of course made me very very happy. 

Also, sadly I have lost my phone so I don't have that many pictures (sad times), so I don't have that much to share this week in terms of photos! I've been quite busy, but I am really looking forward to going home and seeing all my friends!! And also getting a hair cut, good god my split ends are so bad right now.

Big exciting thing  that happened recently, my dad and step-mum visited and we went to see The Commitments, which was a super great musical, all the acting and singing was spot on, and it's so different to everything else that I've seen at the West End. Definitely would recommend! Apart from that I've just been doing uni work, haven't had chance to do any outfit posts which is sad, but I'm hoping when I'm at home I'll be able to get a load and hopefully look more into getting a new camera which is really exciting, as my current one is quite old and I'd love to be able to take higher quality photos for both this blog and for my uni work!
Anyway, I did take a load of photos of recent beauty stuff I bought, but I want to swatch it all properly first as I hate it when I go to a review post and there isn't a swatch of something either on someone's arm if it's eyeshadow or on the lips if it's lipstick! So yup, I'll get around to that when I have some good lighting again!
Whew, that's a lot of personal crap unloaded just there, hope you don't mind! Have a good weekend!
Megan xx

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