Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Copenhagen Aquarium

Photos: Megan Williams & Luke Barrett
One last final Copenhagen post despite it being so long since I was even there, but I just rediscovered these photos lurking around in iPhoto so thought I'd share! This was one of my last days in Denmark, and we went to the National Aquarium, which was recently built and it was absolutely fantastic in architecture and design, despite a few tanks that did seem a little bit too small.
(the pic above was a projection on the entrance foyer, how cool is that???)

The aquarium was actually split up into loads of different areas, from reefs, to swamps, caves and even a little rainforest section with piranhas and tropical birds. Outside there were also sea otters and also puffins, who all happened to be hiding the whole time I was near the enclosure! Very sad.
All displays were in a range of languages, and although it wasn't that informative about a lot of the fish, there was a lot of kid stuff to keep the little ones (of which there were many) entertained. I can't remember exact figures, but there was a hell of a lot of fish within the one building.

Posing in the rainforest bit near the end of the day when it was super empty so I didn't feel too judged by people.
Scarf: Missguided
Jumper: Vintage (remember Republic?? vintage rack goodness)
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Fat Face

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