Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Having Greenery Around

On Valentine's Day (I know, ages ago) Luke and I took a trip to our local garden centre in Camden and had a little walk around looking at loads of different plants, from flowers to shrubs to cacti. It actually got me thinking, especially a couple of weeks later and now a proud owner of my own cactus, that it really does make a difference having a plant in the room. Here are a few of my thoughts:

They make every room look nicer
As I currently live in quite a small student room, having a cactus in my window, to me, definitely makes the place feel more homely and attractive. I've placed it in a white flower pot with little hearts around the top and it makes my windowsill look so much more attractive (and hides all the mould hiding around it)

Adds more colour
again, poorly decorated white walled room with curtains that look like they were taken from a vintage store jumper, but like, a really bad jumper. Therefore this adds a lovely little pop of green and makes everything else look a bit less nasty.

You have to look after it
Probably not a plus for some people, but for me, I really like the knowledge that I'm looking after something, even if it is a cactus that requires looking after every 3 months or so. It's nice to be able to check up on it and see how it's grown over the period that you've owned it. Obviously flowering plants are much more substantial showers of growth so a purchase of one of those might be better next time. However, I thought I'd get myself into looking after plants slowly to begin with!

It can be a substitute pet
Bit of a weird one maybe, but as I'm used to always having pets, not having one know feels pretty weird I have to say. Therefore, having something else living and breathing, albeit not moving, is still pretty comforting nonetheless. Is this really strange? I don't care.

What do you think? Could you for man absurd attachment to a plant like I seem to have? Give it a try!

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