Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lego Store at Copenhagen

As Lego is from Denmark, it is completely unsurprising that there is a rather massive store in the centre of Copenhagen. You enter and there's a massive dragon made of lego winding in and out of the walls. There's also two lego people, one dressed like one of the Danish royal guards and one on a bike which is perfect for a bit of a selfie!
The shelves are completely stacked full of all the different types of lego sets, from Marvel Avengers, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Ninjago and loads of others of lego's own brands. This place is immensely cool, the staff were setting up one of the new Lego Marvel pieces that was recently released when we were visiting, and tourist favourite Nyhavn is faithfully recreated within also.

The whole place has a lovely friendly vibe to it, all the staff are really helpful. It's got basically every kind of lego that you could ever wish for, and it's perfect for the little souvenir! 

My step-dad nearly bought this ship, I was gutted that he didn't as it looks amazing! Ah well, next time. Thanks for reading!

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