Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Copenhagen - Favourite Places

Hey guys, you may have noticed lately that I haven't been posting that much, this is because first I was in Copenhagen (yay) and second I was back to uni and had lots of stuff to sort and unfortunately blogging really got left behind in the rush of trying to get back into a routine of sorts! I am sorry, and hopefully it won't happen again! 
Anyway, as I was in Copenhagen just the other week, I felt that I'd share some of my favourite places to visit in the city, especially if you're only there for a quick stay.

The Little Mermaid

Based on Hans Christian Anderson's novel this little statue is perched on rock of the harbour. Quite a bit of a trek away from the main centre but it's still worth in none the less as the view across the water is lovely in itself. It's also near Kastellet which is a star shaped fortress which a moat around it. Super picturesque and with lots of history too.

The Royal Palaces/Amalienborg

These are four identical palaces that were built for four noble families. When I was there one of them had loads of scaffolding around it as it was being renovated, but despite that it was still a very attractive area, with very impressive statues. It's also very close to the little mermaid, and it's also nearer the centre of Copenhagen. As a very very impressive feat of architecture, you can stand at the centre and look straight to Frederik's Church and then to the royal opera house across the water (picture below!). It's a great place to see everything and the changing of the guard is also rather impressive here too. A lot of the walking tours of the city pop over here.


Probably the most postcard perfect place that could ever exist ever. There are tonnes of restaurants and bars along here serving majority fresh fish. There's normally a busker around and there's just a really nice atmosphere to the whole place, and the brightly coloured buildings are a massive contrast to the grey of the sky when I went! You can also get loads of boat tours and other tourist information from here and it's super close to the city centre for shopping and the attractions there.

The Rundetårn
A large circular tower stuck straight in the middle of the town centre, it was once part of the university library, but now it's more an open tourist centre with a gallery and cafe. The main difference of this tower is that there aren't any stairs working there way up, instead it's like a massive giant ramp winding its way around the central column. It's absolutely crazy, and makes it feel so much weirder when you pop out at the top and you get these fantastic views over the whole city.

Hope you enjoy my little choices of top tourist destinations! Obviously there is so much more to see within the city, but I was only there for a couple of days and on those days I went to the aquarium and an art gallery (I'll post about this soon!).
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  1. I went to most of these places when i was in Copenhagen with the scouts 4 years ago. Nyhavn is absolutely gorgeous, its so cute and colourful!


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