Thursday, 19 March 2015

Notes Coffee House

As always I'm on the hunt for a new place to go that's different and not a pret a manger. This little hidden gem of a coffee shop is just off Trafalgar Square, and on the way towards Leicester Square. Inside is quite bare, with a lot of the plumbing and lighting wires on show, yet still with quite an elegant touch to the furnishings. The only problem is that seats are quite limited, but there's always the takeaway option!
Obviously the coffee is amazing, and although quite pricey, the cakes are absolutely to die for, and it's worth it just for that. (get the carrot cake, it's awesome)
Apologies for lack of updates that may occur soon, I misplaced my phone the other day so now only have an old brick phone, so I'll have fewer spontaneous pictures! Hopefully all will be sorted soon!
Megan x

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