Monday, 23 March 2015

5 Spring Songs To Get You in the Mood

Feeling Springy yet? No? Let me give you a little hand...

First up, some Temples whose sounds is so spot on summer that I thought we'd kick off a spring playlist with some, just so you're even more in the mood. It kicks straight in to that awesome melody and it reminds me of festivals and although it's not quite summer right yet, this can make spring feel like it is.

Next up is Pelican, one of my favourites from The Maccabee's newer album, great driving music, great chill out music, great music to listen to while you're just having a good time.

I'm seeing the Wombats next month after so many years of waiting for them to come of their sort of hiatus, and I'm not at all disappointed by the music they've been bringing out, this being my personal favourite. I'm looking forward to playing this loudly while driving when I go back home!

Learn to Fly by the Foos is an instant classic, and as I'm volunteering at Glasto this year I thought I'd pop this in for another little bit of summery vibes, and you can't go wrong with a song as upbeat as this to get you into the springtime vibe.

Frank Turner is the love of my life, it's no secret, and this song is one that makes me feel a lot happier than before I listened to it. Really cheerful, get up and go kinda stuff. Nothing beats a bit of Frank when you want to be passionate about something.

Haim are such a good band, and it's great to see some all girl bands being so successful (song with Calvin Harris? hell. yes.). I think this was the first song I heard by them, but the whole album gets me in a great mood for some spring cleaning or revision (hah)

Lianne La Havas supported Bombay Bicycle Club about 3 years ago when I saw them in Plymouth, and although I never really listened to her back then, I love her voice, and how unique everything she does sounds compared to a lot else there. Really chilled.

Echosmith are an awesome, up and coming band that made it big with this happy little song which reminds me of other stuff but I really can't remember what? I love the whole album that this is off too.

Fall Out Boy wrote a song about dancing like Uma Therman and you didn't expect me to include it in my list?? As if.

Superfood is awesome. This song is awesome.  Cool.

I feel like the words 'chill' were used far too much in this, and I apologise, but seriously, Spring is great for chilling out with your friends while getting hyped for dem exams and then summer woo!!
Hope you like.

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