Friday, 8 May 2015

Where I've Been

Well, it's definitely been a while since I've last sat down to write something. Firstly, I'm pretty bummed I couldn't keep up my consistent blogging, but April was a pretty hectic month for me as there was quite a lot of social things happening as I was back at home and I also then had a 10 day field trip that meant I had no access to a computer at all. Basically I should have thought ahead and gave myself some time to schedule but revision got the best of me there too and I couldn't seem to find myself the time to just sit on a computer and sort out some photos!
However I have some news, in that I got a brand new camera over the holidays so I'm really excited to start using that in blog posts, especially now after I feel more energised about my blog after the short break and I'm super excited for the summer fashion to come in (I've already ordered some clothes from some spare money I had from last term!). I definitely want to try and find more of a niche with what I am doing, and I'm really trying to push myself fashion wise to become more interesting with what I post instead of just repeating outfits and reusing the same clothes (obvs this will happen though as some items I love too much).
Anyway, as I don't really have a proper blog post for this, I just wanted to explain where I was with this blog and that I really want to put more effort in, especially over summer! I'm hoping to do some collabs with other bloggers and I know I keep saying it but I would like to start filming!
So, that's it from me, have a picture of my cat (from my new camera!) so this isn't too text heavy!
Thanks for reading, and please come back for a proper post tomorrow!

Megan x

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