Saturday, 9 May 2015

MAC - Lightscapades

Before I bough this highlighter, I'd heard quite a lot about it. My friend Sam and I had discussed it and how beautiful it was and how pretty it looked and also how it nearly always seemed to be out of stock for this very reason. So when I went into the MAC store at Covent Garden and tentatively asked if they had it in stock, the shop assistant gave a  very worried look, and said that it was unlikely but she would have a look for me. And look at that, I struck lucky and she came back with a handful that were lurking in the store room! In the pot it looks, to me, a bit like what the surface of a gas planet looks like. There's so many colours in there, from gold, to bronze to a silvery lilac colour, so it looks a bit daunting to first put on. Lightscapade is a mineralize skinfinish highlighter, so it's all shimmery and very light on the skin.

I just use this as a normal highlighter, and blend on on the top of my cheeks, inner corner of the eyes and down my nose etc, but what I really like about this is that it's subtle enough that it just blends really easily and adds an extra dimension to everything. There's no real specific colour, it's almost like a shimmer, when I place my finger to get a denser colour it's almost opalescent with all the colours that are visible! On the skin it comes out with the tiniest hint of palest pink, with lots of subtle sparkles that really just lift and highlight so well without being like you're covered in glitter. Honestly, what more could you want from a highlighter! This also means I think it would suit absolutely everybody, whether you're wearing it quite subtly for the highlight or quite heavily for the glow that it can give!

If sparkles really aren't your style, then I've also heard that Soft & Gentle from the same collection is also a brilliant highlighter for all skin tones too and it's definitely something that I would love to look into when I have more spending money! (sigh)

Thanks for reading!
Megan x

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