Friday, 3 February 2017

Looking Back on New York

I honestly don't know why I didn't write about this at the time, but I imagine it had something to do with finals. Regardless, I went to New York at the beginning of December, and it was all a bit of a whirlwind looking back on it. It's a very strange place, the buildings are so tall, even compared to London, and we were only there for two full days so we spent a large portion of this time walking around.  Honestly? I think that was the best place to do it. I wish I'd taken more photos so I could more in depth talk about what we were doing/where we went, however, I was mostly so sleep deprived I don't think I was even remotely thinking about that kind of thing.

Central Park was as great as you'd expect, and this is coming from a complete Londonphile. I miss London so much, and New York was a nice little surrogate for the that. It felt nice to be in a city that had a decent amount of public transport, you never quite realise how much you miss the ease of movement until you're stuck with a terrible bus service that stops through the night.

New York is also so beautiful, the architecture is wonderful, and there's also something enchanting about the crazy amount of skyscrapers that break up the skyline when looking from Queens.  Times Square is as manic as I expected it to be, the Natural History Museum was also fantastic (as all museums are!), and the MoMa was packed due to free entry but it was completely worth it for the chance to see as many famous art pieces.

Travelling is so important, and I genuinely believe that it's the best thing that has come out of my year abroad - the ability to see areas that I would definitely never have been able to reach. Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of these photos!

This above photo was taken by a lovely photographer at Times Square! If you check out my instagram there's a link to his profile!

Thanks for reading!

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