Monday, 11 January 2016

New Hair

Hey everyone!!
I am back in London and I've just finished my first day back at university as I write this! It's been pretty stressful moving back and having to settle back into living in a shared house, especially as we've had to buy tickets for a field trip to Spain, but I digress...
Last week I went to Toni & Guy in Plymouth, and got my whole hair done, including a cut, which I haven't had done in definitely far too long... My roots were also in a dire need of some attention and basically everything just felt like it needed some real TLC. I went in and just asked for my roots to be bleached, and also to try and get it to a similar level of colour as what I already had on the rest of my hair. So, here's some before pictures....

I mean clearly in these photos I am being posey af, but the main point I want to make here is a) the roots and how kinda awful they were (this was probably about a month before I even got it done so imagine like 1 month more of it...) and b) how long it was. Remarkably, these photos actually make my hair look okay, but in reality it was very fine at the ends, with lots and lots of split ends all over the place. It looked nice occasionally, but often it was so dry and damaged. When I went to the hairdressers, I just asked them to cut enough off that it would be healthy, and in the next photo we can see that it was quite a substantial amount.

This is actually the only high-res photo I have of this (sorry!!) but as you can see it looks so so so much better shorter, it looks thicker and just has a lot more life to it. I'm so happy with the colour as it doesn't even look like I've had a touch up on the roots. There's a few bands of some coppery colours but I'm hoping after a few weeks of using silver shampoo they will all start to fade. I'm honestly just so happy with it and I feel much more content now that I know I haven't got some awful split ends going on. I love rocking a bit of a unnatural colour, and this kinda ticks all the boxes of still being reasonable, yet being different enough you don't see many other people with it.

I hope you all like my new hair too, I know it's not a massive change, but sometimes that's all that's needed to completely change your mindset about your hair, and that's really what's happened here.
Thank you so much for reading!

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