Sunday, 17 January 2016

LimeCrime Velvetines Trio

I said there was going to be more LimeCrime, and here we are. This was the second item that I ordered over the christmas period, and probably the one that I had the most hesitation with ordering. Firstly: I kinda just went for this, as I wanted two of the colours, but this was definitely the most cost efficient method of buying velvetines. Secondly: I've seen so many videos on youtube that don't exactly cast the velvetines in a good light (eg colours being off, them only being 1/2 full of liquid), so I was really worried that I would have these problems and then have a logistical nightmare trying to return them back to America.

However, as you can see, they arrived perfectly, wrapped beautifully (they also came in a gloriously floral box like the Venus Palettes), and all the colours were as vivid and wonderful as they appear on LimeCrime's website. Phew. So, the colours that were in this trio were Peacock (a blue-green), Beet It (deep wine) and Buffy (a buff nude, ironically). Let's talk formula wise first, and lemme say, I'm a really big fan about everything to do with it. It goes on really creamy, and then dries so that when it comes into contact with anything (food, hair, etc) it does not budge. The absolute dream. It also isn't drying, which is really impressive. I'm such a massive fan of liquid lipsticks, so this really didn't disappoint at all.

Colourwise, all three colours did not disapoint at all. I was so very apprehensive about Peacock as it's not something I would usually give a go but after actually wearing it around inside a few times it's really grown on me. Buffy is an absolute stunner for every day, and I wore it to uni on the first day back and felt so cool the whole time. Beet It is currently the one with the least amount of wear, but I can guarantee on nights out there won't be much else that I'll reach for first.

I'm definitely quite a lot in love with these, and I'm gonna jump at the chance to order some more when I save up some money. What do you guys think? Would you buy some or are there some other liquid lipsticks that you would choose?

Thanks for reading!
Megan x

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