Saturday, 11 October 2014

London Life Update

Okay so I've now been living in London for just over 3 weeks, and I'm just finished my second week of my university course!
This has perhaps been the most busiest month of my entire life, I've met so many new people (& forgotten so many names!) and learnt so much stuff about living on my own... and also the stuff from my university course obviously!! Although some of it is ridiculously hard, and when I mean some, I basically just mean chemistry, the bane of my life.
I've never really been a massive chef before, normally just the odd bake, so having to fend for myself in the kitchen has actually been surprisingly enjoyable. I have even ventured so far as making ratatouille, however by the time I made it I was too ill to eat it, and Luke had to finish it :( luckily my mum has been visiting me this weekend so I've had more substantial meals then my normal pasta and sauce late night cba to cook diet as of late! Although I have splurged on a recipe book so hopefully I will soon be a moderate cook!

This is a picture of me in my room on the very first day I moved in, I tried to make my room as colourful as possible! Currently it is a bit of a state though so hopefully I'll manage to keep it a bit tidier! More London updates soon hopefully x

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